Privacy Policy for MC Calendar

Last update: September 14, 2020


MC Calendar is an app developed by Ara Gasparyan in Moscow, Russia.

We take privacy very seriously and collect no data from our users.

MC Calendar is a user interface to the calendar storage for events and contacts for birthdays. It also contains features such as private events and tasks that are stored inside the app only on the user's device.

For any questions regarding our privacy policy please contact our support by email at

Calendar and Contacts data

MC Calendar operates on local calendar and contacts data as well as natively developed data storage for storing private events and tasks.

MC Calendar never transfers your calendar or contacts data to third parties. Please be aware, that calendar and contacts data can be read by any app on your device with the appropriate permissions, as these are standard interfaces.

Tasks and private calendar events data

Data on events bound to private calendars and tasks are in no way related to local calendar. These are objects developed natively in the app itself and not transfered to any external sources. Should the user opt to render a task inside their calendar, the task is cloned and an Calendar native event is created based on the respective data.

Data we collect

None. We collect no data from our users. The only data we receive from you, is through support requests sent to us by email or other support channels. All such data will be treated strictly confidential.